Dear Santa / by Macomber, Debbie,
How to catch a gingerbread man / by Wallace, Adam,
A tale of witchcraft... / by Colfer, Chris,
Fear no evil / by Patterson, James,
The secret of snow / by Shipman, Viola,
The wish book Christmas  by Austin, Lynn N.
First light in Morning Star by Hubbard, Charlotte,
Game on : by Evanovich, Janet
The dark hours / by Connelly, Michael,
Peppa Pig and the day of giving thanks.
Let's be thankful / by Huntley, Tex,
AstroNuts : by Scieszka, Jon
A tale of sorcery... / by Colfer, Chris,
The Walnut Creek wish  by Brunstetter, Wanda E.
Their Yuletide healing / by Obenhaus, Mindy
The midwife's Christmas wish / by Bale, Leigh
Opening his holiday heart by Ryan, Renee,
Her Christmas dilemma / by Minton, Brenda,
The judge's list  by Grisham, John,
Never / by Follett, Ken
Friendsgiving / by Siscoe, Nancy,
Thanks for nothing! : by Higgins, Ryan T.,
Dino-Thanksgiving / by Wheeler, Lisa,
The devil's sea / by Cussler, Dirk,
The butler  by Steel, Danielle,